• Machine Manufacturing Company “MTM”
  • Best quality on world standards
  • Large production capacity
  • Truck shipment
  • Railway shipment
  • Shipping on the water

Production and technical characteristic of the enterprise

The company “MTM” is an enterprise that has production possibilities to manufacture the equipment for metallurgical production, power engineering, machine building, petrochemistry and other branches of industry.

The company “MTM” possesses the following production buildings:

  • blank production where the equipment of gantry type of the company “ESAB”, the equipment of the company “MESSER GRIESHEIM” for automatic layout of sheet and rolled metal up to 250 mm thick and plasma layout up to 120 mm, the equipment for bar cutting is installed.
  • production building:

assembling and welding areas are completed with welding equipment and staffed. The production personnel is capable to perform high quality welding of any products from simple non-standard products to the products of nuclear subjects. The areas are equipped with stations for manual welding by means of stick electrodes, for semiautomatic gas-shielded welding DTU500, Fronius 500, ESAB LHF-250, KEMPPI, argon arc welding with non-consumable electrode. The welding procedure of aluminum, copper and their alloys is improved.

The machinery equipment for machining process allows to process the parts with a weight up to 40 t and overall dimensions up to 9,15 х 2,25 х 2,7 m.

The mechanical area is equipped with universal cutting equipment, lathes 1К62Д, 16К20; CNC lathes 16Б16Т1, vertical and horizontal milling machines, horizontal boring mills 2А-856, РС 1250Ф4.

The load lifting mechanisms enable to execute the assembling and welding operations in production buildings on the assembly units up to 40 tons and in the open area - 250 t and more.

An extensive network of cooperative deliveries with other machine building enterprises enables to manufacture the finished complete production.

The availability of the own railway spur track allows to perform the shipping of products not only by truck but also by train.

Directions of activity in the field of engineering

The engineering personnel of designers, product engineers and specialists at the company MTM possesses a wide operational experience in the field of equipment design for metallurgical (ferrous and non-ferrous), mining and processing branches of industry.

The equipment offered by the company MTM is developed with the use of up-to-date CAD packages and special computed programs. The level of design works is confirmed by appropriate permits and the engineering personnel is certified for examination on industrial safety in metallurgy, in gas distribution and gas consumption systems, on the boiler supervision units and lifting devices.

The company MTM provides a full range of engineering and consulting services of research, engineering or design-analytical nature. The detailed designing is carried out both according to initial requirements of the customer with development and approval of performance specification and engineering design and according to engineering designs offered by domestic organizations and the documentation (“Basic design”) of foreign partners.

The company MTM provides the following kinds of engineering services:

• development of design documentation

• development of technological documentation

• modeling of work pieces

• consultations and authorized supervision during assembly, start-adjusting works and operation

• survey of production

• providing recommendations for its modernization

The involvement of leading specialists of Research institutes of Russia (GIPROMEZ, VNIIETO, VNIIMETMASH, STALPROEKT, TSNIITMASH, GIPROKOKS etc.) when the development works are carried out and also the close business relations with the largest domestic enterprises where the operating experience of our equipment is gathered and analyzed allows the company MTM to develop and manufacture the high-quality and science intensive industrial equipment which is competitive with the best foreign models.